10 Basic Yoga Postures Newbies Need to Know

Yoga increasingly popular and loved by benefit that it brings to health. If you are also choosing this subject to practice, you need to know the 10 basic yoga poses in the following Nguyen Chia video:

Reclining posture

When practicing this pose will help Flexible back spine more, reduce attacks backache, prevent spondylolisthesis and disc herniation.

Standing bent forward

In addition to the benefits of stretching the hamstrings and leg ligaments, this yoga pose also helps to relax the mind and blood circulation. better.

Butterfly yoga

This pose especially limits back pain conditions, hip joint extension and decrease stress and worry.

Cat and cow yoga moves

The cat and cow pose increases flexibility for the back spine, "flips" back aches and pains and improves blood circulation, stimulates activity and increases blood circulation to internal organs.

Downward-facing dog pose

This yoga movement not only helps stretch ligaments, calves and tendons, but also increases blood circulation to the brain, helps you focus more, strengthens arms and shoulders.


Support to stretch the back spine, reduce back pain, especially lower back against degenerative and herniated discs. Besides, the cobra pose also overcomes the hunchback condition, arched back, low back spine flexibility.

Basic yoga baby pose

This pose is most suitable for relaxing the mind and body, reducing stress and tension, and "soothing" back and shoulder pain.

Pose hugging legs

This simple move both relaxes and loosens the lower back and improves vein or tired feet after a long day.

Lying twisted

Relaxes the spine, especially the lumbar region, stretches the muscles and ligaments around the hip joints, stimulates and relaxes the internal organs.

Yoga Savasana

Savasana has the effect of making the body "lighter", mind and spirit. Your breathing deepens and the stress of the day is relieved.

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