Free Yoga Videos

Nguyen regularly posts videos and tutorials on new and completely free Yoga exercises on the channel Youtube Nguyen Yoga. The videos cover many topics such as Yoga for beginners, Yoga therapy, Meditation for beginners, Meditation therapy.

Series of Videos

Yoga for Beginners

Playlist “Yoga For Beginners” is a collection of Yoga practice videos for beginners to learn and practice Yoga. 

Regardless of whether you have little fitness experience, or no yoga experience at all, these videos will make it easy for you to enter the world of Yoga and enjoy the benefits of health, mind balance and relaxation. stretch.

Người mới tập Yoga hoàn toàn tư thế nghiêng ngươi

Series of Videos

Yoga Therapy

Playlist "Yoga Therapy" is designed by Nguyen for newcomers who want to improve their physical and mental health through practicing Yoga. The videos will focus on applying Yoga as a form of therapy to improve bone and joint problems such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, etc.

playlist video bài tập Yoga trị liệu

Series of Videos

Relaxing Yoga

The “Relaxing Yoga” Playlist is a collection of Yoga and Meditation instruction videos to help reduce stress and relieve stress for beginners. With the importance of relaxation and balance in modern life, Playlist will provide you with simple yet effective Yoga movements and techniques to relieve stress and create a relaxed state of mind.

Thiền và Yoga Thư Giãn Giảm Stress

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