Nguyên Yoga thực hiện tư thế chiến binh (reverse warrior) và logo Nguyên Yoga

About Nguyen

Nguyen is a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur living in Saigon. With the goal of bringing Meditation and Yoga to more people, especially young people and busy people, Nguyen continuously provides free videos and content via Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram platforms with more than 300,000 followers. .

Nguyen's mission is to help more people become healthier and more peaceful every day with Meditation and Yoga as the main methods.

Lớp Yoga cho người mới tại Nguyên Yoga quận 3, HCM

Yoga Studio Class

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City right in District 3, Nguyen Yoga has Yoga classes for those who are new to Yoga and those who have been practicing for a while. Unlike other Yoga centers in Saigon, Nguyen's classes always put the students first, limit the number of student per class and take care of each student to achieve their desired results.