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 Nam Nguyen

Hello, Nguyen currently has a lot exercise videos, podcasts, posts as document It's free on Youtube as well as the Nguyen Yoga website. Nguyen will be very happy if you can support Nguyen. 

It is not only a great spiritual encouragement but also supports Nguyen a lot so that Nguyen can continue to have resources to improve the quality of videos and documents. 

In addition, it also helps Nguyen to accumulate to continue taking more quality courses to make more good content for you as well as for the community. 

You can see the support information below. Nguyen is very grateful for your support. 

Support Information

Bank account infomation 

Techcombank (Ho Chi Minh)

Account number: 19033983836018

Account Holder: Ngo Nam Nguyen

SWIFT code (if transferring from abroad): VTCBVNVX

Phone Number (if using Remitly): 0869864205 

Information about MOMO Nguyen Yoga Wallet:

Phone number to receive money: 0869864205

Transfer link:

Name of wallet owner: Ngo Nam Nguyen

Information Paypal Nguyen Yoga:

Paypal transfer link:

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