Neck Pain: Causes and Home Remedies

Neck and shoulder pain is not simply a feeling of pain, but also a condition that makes you feel limited in your ability to move and even affects your daily mood.

The pain can spread from the neck, radiate down to the shoulders, and extend down along the nape of the neck. This feeling can manifest itself as mild pain but can also sometimes be particularly unpleasant sharp pain. When you have pain, you can feel irritation and tightness in the muscles and structures surrounding this area.

The causes of neck and shoulder pain can be very diverse and are often related to the following factors:

– Improper posture: Sitting or working in an incorrect posture can create unwanted pressure on the neck and shoulder area, leading to tension and pain.

– Mental stress: Stress and mental stress can contribute to muscle tension and stress painful trigger points.

– Improper exercise activities: This condition can also be caused by improper exercise or movement techniques, causing muscle tension and pain.

– Injury or inflammation: Wounds, injuries from accidents, or inflammatory conditions in the neck and shoulder area can also lead to pain.

– Bad habit: Arbitrary emphasis neck and shoulder area, or using a cell phone improperly can also put pressure on this area. Neck and shoulder pain should not be taken lightly, because if left for a long time, it can cause more serious problems such as nerve pain, arthritis, or limited mobility.

To reduce pain and improve your condition, there are a few things you can try:

– Correct posture when sleeping and working: Maintain an upright and comfortable position when sleeping, and always maintain correct posture when working to avoid creating unwanted pressure.

– Exercise periodically: Exercise gently and regularly to maintain flexibility and muscle health.

– Rest and relaxation: Make sure you take enough time to rest and relax your muscles by practicing yoga, breathing exercises, or other relaxation methods.

– Professional therapy: If your pain does not improve, you should consult a medical professional for appropriate advice and treatment.

In this video, Nguyen will explain in detail the causes and guide you through a series of exercises to help you quickly reduce neck and shoulder pain with longer lasting results. The series of exercises will include:

Part 1: Stretch tense and shortened muscle groups, including large muscle groups such as

Part 2: Strengthen overstretched and weak muscle groups

Part 3: Increase flexibility for the cervical and lumbar spine

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