Hip Pain: Causes and Effective Treatments

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Hip pain is one of the diseases that greatly affects daily activities in life as well as work. There are many causes of hip pain, so what exactly is it? And how can that situation be improved safely and effectively? Follow along with this article to get a better overview!

What is hip pain?

Đau khớp hông
Hip pain condition

The hip joint can withstand repetitive motion and a fair amount of wear and tear. Whenever you use your hip (e.g. jogging), a cartilage cushion helps prevent friction as the hip bone moves in its socket.

Despite its high strength, the hip joint can still be destroyed. With overuse and age conditions, muscles, tendons, and cartilage can wear out or become damaged. It is this weakening that leads to the bones in the hip that can easily break in a fall or injury and cause hip pain.

Causes of hip pain

1. Bursitis

If you have hip pain, you probably have bursitis – an inflammation of the pillow-like sacs that keep tendons and muscles from rubbing directly against bone. Bursitis becomes more common as we age and is especially common in people over 60.

2. Tendonitis

If you're active and your hip flexors (the group of muscles that allow you to bring your knees and legs toward your body) are moving, you may have tendonitis. Because when tendons are stretched or overused, they create repetitive minor injuries that eventually lead to muscle imbalances in the hip. For example, people who repeat specific activities, such as soccer, jogging, manual labor, etc., may be at risk for this severe pain.

3. Osteoarthritis

This is a very common cause of daily dull pain in the hip. With osteoarthritis, your joints become stiff and swollen due to inflammation and breakdown of cartilage, causing pain and deformity.

4. Tear cartilage

Labrum is the ring of cartilage that surrounds the hip socket and secures the femoral head in the correct position. When it is torn, it causes pain in the hip or groin and limits movement, creating the feeling that the hip is locked.

5. Habit of sitting in the wrong posture for too long

In the process of activities and working and studying, if you sit in the wrong posture for a long time, the hip joint is affected and deviated from the original position, thereby leading to hip pain.

Effective ways to cure hip pain.

There are many methods to treat hip pain, here are some typical ways that you can apply at home:

  • Try to avoid putting too much pressure on your hips such as lifting heavy objects, playing vigorous sports, sitting at work and studying with correct posture.
  • Place an ice pack in a towel on the painful area for up to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Take paracetamol.
  • Try to maintain your weight or lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Try gentle hip stretching exercises like yoga or physical therapy.

3 yoga exercises to cure hip pain

Since this is a continuous sequence of movements, please practice in order from top to bottom!

1. Butterfly Wings Hugging Legs Yoga Pose

Động tác Yoga góc cố định uốn cong về phía trước giảm đau hông
Push 2 heels to create space
Động tác Yoa góc cố định uốn cong về phía trước trị đau hông
Two hands holding legs
Động tác Yoa góc cố định uốn cong về phía trước
Gently bend down
  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Knit the soles of the feet.
  • Gently push your heels down to create space between your legs and groin.
  • Hold your legs with both hands.
  • Gently bend forward, breathing evenly for 5 breaths.

2. Dove Yoga Pose (variant)

Yoga tư thế chim bồ câu biến thể hỗ trợ chữa đau hông
Keeping right foot in front, flip left foot back
Tư thế Yoga chim bồ câu biến thể
The right angle of the pigeon yoga pose variation
Tư thế Yoga chim bồ câu biến thể
The left side angle of the pigeon yoga pose variation
  • Maintain the position of the right leg in a fixed angle yoga position bent forward
  • Turn left foot back
  • The two knees are open to the sides, the right foot angle is in the middle
  • Bend slightly forward and take 5 breaths evenly
  • Switch sides similarly.

3. Windshield Wiper Yoga Pose

Yoga tư thế cần gạt nước kính chắn gió
Flip both knees to the right
Yoga tư thế cần gạt nước kính chắn gió
Flip both knees to the left
  • Bend both knees
  • Gently flip both knees to the right
  • Conversely, flip your knees to the left
  • Breathe evenly
  • Repeat 5 times and gently return to the middle

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be useful to you and help you improve your hip pain effectively. Please follow and wait with Nguyen the posts about health and next Yoga!

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