10 Minutes of Yoga Before Sleep | Yoga Therapy For Insomnia

Percentage of people insomnia, trouble sleeping increasing, especially in big cities. That adversely affects our health, work efficiency and quality of life a lot.

Insomnia and difficulty sleeping come from many causes such as:

  • Due to the pressure of work and study.
  • Habits of using electronic devices.
  • Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Age problem
  • Less physical or social activity.

Most people choose short-term treatments for insomnia, such as medication or even "just let it go." However, these methods will only make insomnia worse.

With the desire to help people improve the above problem, Nguyen shares with you exercises 10 minutes of yoga before sleep. Videos with moves Yoga therapy Basic, easy to apply, help you fall asleep quickly.

Nguyen hopes this Yoga will be useful and contribute to everyone's life balance.

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