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Back hammock is not too strange to us because this condition occurs in the majority of people in the world. So what is this? What is the cause and cure for this back sag? Follow along with Nguyen this article to get a better overview!

What is a hammock?

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Back hammock condition

The pelvis helps you walk, run, and lift heavy objects off the ground. It also contributes to the formation of a beautiful and appropriate body posture. Back sag is the result of a change in the original position of the pelvis.

Back hammock or English called Anterior Pelvic Tilt or Lordosis. A condition in which the lower back is bent or sagged as a result of the pelvis being tilted forward. Causes your butt to tend to curve back, or often likened to the butt of Donald Duck.

Causes of sagging back

The cause of excessive back sag is usually due to 2 main reasons. One is due to bad posture habits such as when sitting, standing or using high heels. Causes you to frequently flex your buttocks back for a long time, as well as lose the ability to rotate the pelvis backward. In addition, lack of physical activity will also affect the posture and shape of the spine. 

The second and deeper cause. It is due to an imbalance in the muscle groups, which also comes from the first cause. 

The first is weakness, or poor performance, of the muscle groups responsible for posterior pelvic rotation, including the glutes, lower abs, and hamstrings, and the leg ligaments. 

This is followed by tension or shortening that causes the pelvis to be pulled forward, including the back muscles, the muscles that connect the pelvis and lumbar, and the thighs.

Is a hammock dangerous?

Sagging back is a very common condition. It's just a bone and joint phenomenon stemming from bad habits of daily activities, so in fact back hammock is not dangerous. In particular, in sports practice, back sag is a very common condition. Because it helps us to develop stronger and faster power, especially in speed sports and sprinting. There are even a lot of you who were born with a back hammock since childhood and have no problems in life.

However, in this article we will talk more about the excessive back sagging that leads to unnecessary pain such as: lower back pain, hip pain, and in some cases, discomfort or limit your activities.

Can the hammock be fixed?

The back hammock can be completely adjusted to its original position if you have perseverance in the process of training to reshape the pelvis and combine it with maintaining good habits and eliminating bad habits in the future. own daily activities.

There are many ways to treat saggy back. Like going to a chiropractor for orthopedics, practicing subjects like Yoga or pelvic exercises, changing sitting and sleeping positions (don't sleep on your stomach). You should choose the method that is suitable for your condition and body to bring the best results.

3 exercises Yoga for back hammock effective

1. Rotate the pelvis in the supine position

This yoga pose will help you get used to the feeling of controlling the pelvis, gradually adjusting the pelvis to its original position.

Xoay xương chậu ở tư thế nằm ngửa
Lie on your back, knees bent
Xoay xương chậu ở tư thế nằm ngửa giúp chữa võng lưng
Control the pelvis to turn backwards
Xoay xương chậu ở tư thế nằm ngửa
Rotate the pelvis upwards
  • Lie close to the ground, bend your knees, and extend your legs shoulder width apart
  • Control the pelvis backward (back close to the ground)
  • Return to the original position, repeat 10 times, do 3 sets like that. 

2. Cat-Cow Pose Yoga

The Cat Cow Yoga pose will help stretch the back muscles and spine, limit back muscle tension, and help you control your abdominal muscles and pelvis better. From there will cure hamstring back, low back pain.

Tư thế mèo bò Yoga hỗ trợ chữa võng lưng
Put your hands and knees on the floor
Tư thế Yoga Mèo Bò
Inhale, slightly lift your chest and abdomen, lift your chin and look up
Tư thế Yoga Mèo Bò
Exhale, curl your back, draw your chest and abdomen up
  • Support on 2 hands and 2 knees.
  • Inhale slightly puff your chest and belly down, lift your chin and look slightly towards the bridge of your nose.
  • Exhale slowly, curling your back, drawing your chest and abdomen up.
  • Repeat this pose 5 times

3. Bridge Yoga Pose

The bridge yoga pose will help you increase strength and endurance for the hip joints as well as the pelvic area, cure hamstrings, back pain.

Tư thế Yoga cây cầu giúp chữa võng lưng
Turn your clavicles close to the ground, bring your hands to your hips, and bring your knees together
Tu thế Yoga cây cầu
Inhale, squeeze and push your butt
Tư thế Yoga cây cầu
Exhale, lower your butt
  • Lie on your back with your pelvis turned downward, close to the ground (the first position of the pelvis)
  • Bring your hands to your hips and bend your knees.
  • Inhale, squeeze your buttocks, push your hips up, hold for a bit, then exhale gently lowering your hips. 

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be useful for your condition and effectively cure hamstring back. Please follow and wait with Nguyen the posts about health and next Yoga!


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