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200H Yoga Teacher Training Course

Opening of the Next Course: March 2, 2024

Deepening Yoga Practice and Cultivation
A Happy and Meaningful Career

Hello, I'm Nguyen (Danny)

One of the luckiest things in my life as well as my career in studying and practicing Yoga and Meditation is being able to participate in studying and training in places considered to be the origin and cradle of these subjects. 

I had the opportunity to train 500H Yoga teachers in Rishikesh, India and had the opportunity to study Vipassana Meditation in Nepal. Two experiences that I will never forget and always feel grateful for.

Because of this, I am fortunate to be able to learn and experience the most quintessential and original things of Yoga and Meditation. 

I want to learn the best and most original things so that one day I can teach Yoga classes or train the next generations. I also want to pass on the best things to you.

Dao tao giao vien
2 yogis taking yoga workshop pose for pictures
Nguyên practiced and studied with Dylan Werner and Jonah Kest

At the same time, I continuously made one mistake after another in practice, and then in teaching. It can be said that I wish there was someone to hold my hand and guide me or tell me so I can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

And I am very lucky to have met good teachers to correct and guide me in the right direction when practicing as well as teaching.

Since returning to Vietnam, I have also taken Yoga classes and met and been trained by good teachers from the South to the North as well as international teachers. 

This is what motivates me to create the next generation of teachers who also have the knowledge and mindset corresponding to what they have received. 

What will you get after the course?

  • Master the foundations of Yoga to apply for your own practice as well as teach and guide students, relatives, and friends.
  • Know how to design your own exercises and lesson plans for yourself and for others.
  • Understand common health and body problems and design therapeutic and recovery exercises.
  • Know how to guide and correct posture for diverse body types and diverse students.
  • Apply anatomy to design exercises and lesson plans as well as gain a deeper understanding of Yoga scientifically.
  • Understand Zen and apply Zen in life as well as instruct others.
  • Understand the importance of breathing, breathing techniques and Pranayama in Yoga.
  • Master classroom teaching skills and know how to teach class and classroom practice.
  • Know how to orient business and marketing when services and classes begin.
  • And there are many other benefits you'll explore before, during and after the course!

Teaching Curriculum

What will you learn in the training course?

You will learn and understand the philosophy and history of Yoga. You will also be inspired and understand why Nguyen chose Yoga as the best subject she has pursued until now. 

It will help you better understand why Yoga is not just movements but much more. It will also help you orient yourself and find the right Yoga path for yourself to practice and pursue. 

You will learn and understand the foundational Yoga poses and sequences so that you can teach them to your students and create variations to suit your and your students' needs. 

You will understand the benefits, precautions of the poses, how to perform the poses, and the right people for the poses. 

Routing editing is a module that can be considered one of the most important modules in the training course. You will master how to adjust posture to suit each body and use support tools. 

From this module, you will also understand why you should not force all students into one framework. You'll also understand how to communicate and tailor to each student appropriately. 

Anatomy and kinesiology are extremely important modules, helping you understand more deeply about the human body in Yoga and movement, from which you will understand other modules better. 

You'll also learn how to apply anatomy to lesson design, treat and rehabilitate students, and prevent injuries during exercise. 

Students have many health and body problems such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hunchback... This module will help you consult, talk and understand the combination of treatment methods and exercises. practice to then give appropriate advice and lesson plans. 

Meditation and mindfulness are two extremely important skills that you can apply to yourself as well as teach your students to help practice Yoga more effectively and improve the quality of life. You will learn and practice different types of meditation and mindfulness during the training course. 

Pranayama and breathing techniques are modules that help you better understand the power of breathing in energy metabolism. Mastering breathing techniques will help you control your body's energy according to your wishes. 

From practicing to teaching class are two completely different things. You will learn classroom teaching methods and skills as well as classroom experience and tips. This is the practical and theoretical knowledge that Nguyen and his teachers have accumulated after many years of teaching to bring the highest quality classes. 

You will gain the mindset, business and marketing skills to help you create a sustainable career with Yoga and Meditation. This is also one of the special modules that Nguyen believes is not available anywhere else and you will also receive a lot of value. 

This is a special module that not only helps you better understand pregnant and women's bodies but also helps you design appropriate exercises and lesson plans for students to ensure the highest results and safety. 

Why Should You Join This Training Course?


Experienced Instructor

Nguyen himself and the professional teachers who teach the class are all experienced instructors who have taught classes and taught many students. 


Practicality, High Practice

Nguyen focuses on practicality and practice so that whatever you learn you can apply to yourself and teach your students. 


Comprehensive, Scientific Curriculum

The curriculum will incorporate both original knowledge as well as scientific knowledge. You will master knowledge from basic to in-depth. 


Diverse Content Forms

Not only are there live lessons, but the content will be converted into online files and videos so you can review and review lessons anytime and anywhere.


Interaction, Lifetime Support

During the process before studying, during studying and after studying, Nguyen, the team and other students will always be ready to interact and support you for life. 


Internationally Recognized

After completing the training course and receiving your degree, you can teach and teach classes anywhere in the world because the degree is recognized by international standards.


Opening of the Next Course: March 2, 2024

Deepen Your Yoga Practice and Cultivate a Happy and Meaningful New Career​

Your Instructor

Nguyên làm 3 tư thế Yoga, hollowback forearm stand, chim bồ câu (pigeon Pose), ngồi thiền (meditation)

○ 500H Yoga Alliance U.S Certification in Hatha and Vinyasa Ashtanga with training provided in Rishikesh, India. 

○ 9 years of practicing, training, and research in Meditation and Mindfulness. 

○ Graduated with Cum Laude Henselmens Science-based Fitness & Bodybuilding.

○ Successfully completed the course “Buddhism & Modern Psychology” (Buddhism and Modern Psychology) of Princeton University (University), USA.

○ BSc from Erasmus University, the Netherlands.

In addition, there will be other specialized and experienced teachers invited to teach and support. Detailed information will be announced.

Reviews & Testimonials 

These are the shares and reviews of students taking classes at Nguyen Yoga. The purpose of sharing is for you to be inspired later when you start taking classes and teaching. Nguyen wants you to also receive feedback like this.

​Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone who has a passion for Yoga and a desire to deepen their practice and understanding. Whether you want to become a Yoga teacher or just want to improve your personal practice, this course is suitable for you.

If you have prior experience and knowledge with Yoga it may help you progress faster, however Nguyen welcomes and wants you to join if you are just a newbie.

Just keep practicing Yoga as usual and gradually get used to Yoga styles and positions. If possible, you can also read more documents and books about Yoga to gain more understanding.

Yes, when you complete the teacher training course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate from the prestigious American association US Yoga Alliance, allowing you to teach Yoga anywhere. anywhere in the world.

For detailed time information, please refer to it here.

For detailed tuition information, please refer to it here.

The course will start on March 2, 2024, lasting 10 weeks, each week will have 16-18 hours of live study on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, and will require you to invest an additional 4-6 hours during the week. Practice on your own and do extra homework.