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Nguyên Yoga tư thế chiến binh hai khoá học Yoga online cho người mới bắt đầu

Yoga Class by Nguyên

Practice Yoga easily and safely with clear instruction and detailed adjustment adapted to different types of body and levels. Plus, with music.

Hello, I'm Nguyen (Danny)

Founder and teacher at Nguyen Yoga. When I first started practicing Yoga, I didn't know where to start because...

Yoga is too broad and has too much information out there. Moreover, I felt that Yoga is not for me because of the difficulty, as well as the images of Yoga portrayed online are all too flexible. How can men like me do it? 

However, with a curious nature, I embarked on the path of Yoga, and gradually I went from surprise to surprise, discovering new things every day.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Yoga and Meditation studies in Europe, Bali and got a Yoga teacher's degree in India.

Ngồi thiền định vào buổi tối trong vòng tròn
Nguyen Studying Meditation and Yoga in India
2 yogis taking yoga workshop pose for pictures
Nguyên practiced and studied with Dylan Werner and Jonah Kest

At the same time, I kept making one mistake after another while practicing. And I am grateful to have met great teachers to correct and guide me in the right direction when practicing.

Since returning to Vietnam, I have also been taking Yoga classes from the South to the North. I realized... the quality of Yoga classes in Vietnam had been increasingly commercialized and only brought potential harms rather than benefits to students.  

Therefore, I tried to research, experiment, and create a Yoga class to ensure that students learn Yoga effectively, easily and safely. More importantly, I want to create a classroom environment that helps students feel excited about every day of practice.

4 Differences of Nguyen Yoga


​Limit on the Number of Students

To keep the best class quality and the level of caring spread evenly among students, Nguyen's classes always limit the number of students registered.


Guiding and Adjustment for each Student

Nguyen carefully follows, guides and adjusts students in class to ensure you practice correctly, safely and avoid unnecessary injuries.


Lesson Plans Ensure Results For Each Student

Lesson plans have been researched and adapted to different student's levels and body types to ensure progress over time.


Convenient Booking and Dedicated Support

​Book and cancel conveniently and hassle-free with dedicated support team to help you going to class comfortably and worry-free.

​Class and Schedule

Lớp Yoga cho người mới tại Nguyên Yoga quận 3, HCM

Classic Yoga

Classic Yoga is created by Nguyen following the traditional Hatha Yoga style, with a lot of emphasis on foundational Yoga poses, alignment correction, as well as instructions on using props adapted for different types of bodies.

The class is suitable for newcomers who love slow pace and careful adjustment for each pose. This is also a good option for those who want to treat muscle and joint pain problems.

At the beginning of each class, there will be a meditation session to help relax and reduce stress.

All Levels

All Levels is an innovative Yoga class based on the styles of contemporary Vinyasa and Power Yoga, with a flow-like design that combines rhythmically with breathing and music.

Postures will come with a variety of options from easy level for beginners to more difficult options for those who love a bit of challenge and inspiring moments during practice.

The class is suitable for all levels from beginners to those who have been practicing for a while. This is also an option for those who like to burn more calories and tone up the body.

Người tập Yoga thực hiện động tác nửa vầng trăng (half moon pose)


Class address: 402 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3, HCM

*Valid period is counted from when you attend your first class.
**Class is counted when you book. No booking, no deduction.

Your Instructor

Nguyên làm 3 tư thế Yoga, hollowback forearm stand, chim bồ câu (pigeon Pose), ngồi thiền (meditation)

○ 500H Yoga Alliance U.S Certification in Hatha and Vinyasa Ashtanga with training provided in Rishikesh, India. 

○ 9 years of practicing, training, and research in Meditation and Mindfulness. 

○ Graduated with Cum Laude Henselmens Science-based Fitness & Bodybuilding.

○ Successfully completed the course “Buddhism & Modern Psychology” (Buddhism and Modern Psychology) of Princeton University (University), USA.

○ BSc from Erasmus University, the Netherlands.

Reviews & Testimonials 

​Frequently Asked Questions

You need to register information and book a class before joining to ensure your seat and rights.

Nguyen's workout card is calculated by session or month. 

– Session card: which session you attend, Nguyen will count that session. If you do not go to school, you will not be charged a lesson. If you register to participate but do not participate and do not cancel your registration, you will still be charged 1 session.
– Monthly card: You still have to book and register, but there is no limit to the number of sessions. 

All cards have expiry dates:
– 6 sessions: 1 month
– 12 sessions: 2 months
- 1 month:  1 month
– 2 months: 2 months

Your card will be frozen in case you go on a business trip or have health problems. Please provide air tickets and hospital papers for assistance. Freezing period for cards:
– Package of 6 sessions: 7 days 
– Package of 12 sessions: 15 days 
– 1 month package: 7 days 
– 2 month package: 15 days 

Your class pass will be activated from the first day you join the class. We will refund you if your class pass has not been activated. When it's already activated, we're sorry that we cannot offer refund.