What is a Yoga Therapy Coach?

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Yoga therapy trainer is a profession that attracts a lot of attention from Yogis, because nowadays there are many health problems that are encouraged to be treated in combination with Yoga therapy. In this article, Nguyen will help you learn more about Yoga therapy trainers.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a method of mental and physical yoga that focuses on your overall health, including both physical and mental aspects.

This method combines Yoga movements, mind focus, meditation and breathing exercises to help you relax, reduce stress, and manage underlying health problems. From there, Yoga therapy will facilitate the recovery process and maintain your overall health

What is a Yoga Therapy Instructor?

Yoga Therapy Instructor is a professional trained specifically to use Yoga as a therapeutic method. They create personalized Yoga workouts to address specific needs, promoting students' physical and mental health.

Specially, Yoga instructor Therapists have extensive knowledge of body mechanics, physiology and psychology, allowing them to guide individuals towards improved health and quality of life through Yoga.

The Difference Between a Yoga Therapy Instructor and a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher and Yoga therapy instructor are two different roles in the field of Yoga. Here are the important differences:

  • Training time: Yoga therapy instructors need more training. They must complete at least 800 hours of training, instead of the 200 hours it takes to become a regular Yoga teacher. They learn deeply about the body, physiology, and therapeutic Yoga techniques so they can assess their clients' needs and create individualized treatment plans.
  • Scope of practice: Regular Yoga teachers will focus on Yoga postures and breathing techniques. In contrast, Yoga Therapy instructors assist with specific health issues using Yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and other tools.
  • Working with specialists: While yoga teachers may not work with medical professionals, yoga therapists will sometimes work with doctors, medical professionals, and psychologists to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for the patient. specific requirements of each student.
  • Exercises at home: Yoga therapy instructors often have to design and assign home practice exercises for students to maintain their treatment progress.
  • Make a plan to measure results: Yoga therapy teachers must measure results and monitor students' improvement during the treatment process.

What does it take to become a Yoga Therapy Instructor?

Regularly attend Yoga classes

Take Yoga classes regularly, because before you start investing time and money in your Yoga career, you need to make sure that you truly love Yoga. Ask yourself questions like: Why do I want to become a Yoga Therapy instructor? How much can I afford to invest in training? What types of Yoga do I like?

Study for a Yoga degree

Yoga certification is an important factor to become a Yoga instructor, especially a Yoga therapy instructor. Although in Vietnam there is no authority that requires you to have a degree to teach classes, you basically have to go through at least 200 hours of training at a Yoga teacher program to get certified. receive.

Start the teaching and learning process

Most Yoga Therapy courses require you to have at least one year of teaching experience before enrolling. So, once you have your certification to become a Yoga teacher, start teaching!

Teaching is the best way to enhance your skills, expand your network with students, and help you define your purpose in your Yoga career.

Choose a suitable Yoga therapy program

All Yoga Therapy programs are not the same. So, after you have been teaching Yoga for about a year, choose a course/program to teach professional Yoga therapy instructors. You need to learn very carefully about course information such as tuition, instructors, reviews from students, certification after completing the course...

Determine where you want to work

Determine exactly where you want to work. Do you want to become a Yoga Therapy instructor, or do you want to find work at a clinic, Yoga center or private Yoga studio?

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be helpful Journey to becoming a Yoga instructor your. Please see and look forward to more articles about Meditation and Yoga at Nguyen Yoga website, besides there are also many other useful videos on the channel Youtube Nguyen Yoga that you can refer to.

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