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16 cuốn sách yoga hay nhất

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There are many different ways to approach and learn Yoga, among them reading books is a very effective method and helps you deepen your knowledge. In this article, Nguyen will share with you 16 books about Yoga that you must read if you love Yoga. Please read the article and learn with Nguyen about the following interesting books.

1. Illuminated Yoga – The Holy Bible of Modern Yoga (BKS Iyengar)

Sách Yoga Soi Sáng
Yoga Enlightenment Book

"Illumined Yoga" is considered the scripture of modern Yoga, first released in 1966 but until now still retains its valuable knowledge, imbued with the humanistic values of the era. Permeated in every page of the book are the lessons that Guruji BKS Iyengar has carefully learned.

Guruji is revered and honored as the teacher of masters because he lit the fire of Yoga himself, spent his whole life practicing and inspiring many generations.

Coming to Yoga is to save his life, Guruji explores and researches new ways to bring Yoga closer to unhealthy bodies like his. From there, the concept of Iyengar Yoga was formed, meaning practicing Yoga in the way of master Iyengar.

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2. Main Muscles in Yoga – A Guide to Functional Anatomy in Yoga (Ray Long) –

Sách Các Cơ Chính Trong Yoga
Book of Core Muscles in Yoga

The Core Muscles of Yoga is the first book in a series of books on Yoga by Dr. Ray Long, an orthopedic surgeon who has studied Yoga for over 20 years. This book is commendable, providing a very easy to understand scientific approach to the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Through color three-dimensional images of muscles, tendons and ligaments, Ray Long presents the practice and benefits of Hatha Yoga. Specific anatomical and physiological descriptions emphasize the primary muscles, antagonists, and muscles involved in each pose.

It simultaneously combines art, science and spirituality to explain why and how force works in the musculoskeletal system when you perform Yoga. With an understanding of these structures, you can learn how to overcome any difficulties, optimize your experience and avoid unfortunate injuries.

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3. The Art of Yoga Posture Alignment (Phan Thi Nga)

Sách Nghệ Thuật Căn Chỉnh Tư Thế Yoga
The Art of Yoga Posture Alignment Book

Whether you are a new yoga teacher or have a lot of experience and are currently studying in a teacher training program, the book "The Art of Yoga Posture Alignment" will be a great assistant for you.

This book is an easy-to-understand reference that is sure to become every yoga teacher's trusted companion. It not only covers the basis of alignment and verbal cues but also emphasizes how to make full physical adjustments. The main content in the book "The Art of Yoga Posture Alignment" includes:

  • Visual images of yoga poses
  • Comprehensive and intelligent information system
  • Verbal cues of each yoga pose
  • How to adjust practice

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4. System of 1500 Posture Variations, 100 Complete Yoga Sequences (Phan Thi Nga)

Sách Hệ Thống 1500 Biến Thể Tư Thế, 100 Chuỗi Bài Yoga Liên Hoàn
System Book of 1500 Posture Variations, 100 Complete Yoga Sequences

The book "System of 1500 Posture Variations, 100 Yoga Sequences" is a document focusing on yoga practice with a series of 1500 pose variations and 100 yoga sequences. This book provides readers with a variety of materials about yoga postures, how to combine them into continuous exercise sequences, and how to connect breathing and body movement. This book will provide you with the following content:

  • Sun salutations and variations. Applying Sun Salutation in building exercise series
  • Moon Salutation and variations. Application of Moon Salutation in building exercise series
  • Exercises in advanced positions
  • A continuous series of exercises with a variety of topics

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5. The Science of Yoga (Ann Swanson)

Sách Khoa Học Về Yoga
Science Book About Yoga

The book “The Science of Yoga” by Ann Swanson is a valuable resource that helps readers discover the science and benefits behind the practice of yoga. From the basic theory of yoga and its positive effects on the body, mind, to mental health. This book delves into the physiological aspects of more than 30 core yoga poses after a general yet informative introduction to yoga anatomy. Each pose is described thoroughly and scientifically, from every angle – muscles, bones, joints, through which practitioners can avoid unwanted injuries and optimize the benefits of yoga practice.

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6. Key Postures in Yoga – Guide to Functional Anatomy in Yoga (Ray Long)

Sách Các Tư Thế Chính Trong Yoga
Book of Key Postures in Yoga

Following the first book, the book “Main Yoga Poses” is the second volume in the series of books from Ray Long's Bandha Yoga. This book contains unique knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of 55 basic postures in Yoga.

Through an anatomical perspective, he explored the postures and how they work in Yoga. Featuring a combination of sophisticated graphics and clear explanations of how each muscle group works together to create perfect posture. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional Yogi, this is a suitable choice for you.

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7. Yoga Therapy Teaching Lesson Plan (Phuong Trang)

Sách Giáo Án Giảng Dạy Yoga Trị Liệu
Textbook for Teaching Yoga Therapy

This book will focus on showing you how to perform yoga poses in a detailed and scientific way so you can apply them throughout your practice. The main content of the book includes:

  • General theory of yoga therapy
  • Specific lesson plans for yoga therapy exercises for problems related to the spine and joints
  • Lesson plans for yoga exercises to support the treatment of 17 common problems
  • How to handle and provide first aid for common injuries during yoga practice

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8. Yoga for Pregnant Women (Phuong Trang)

Sách Yoga Bà Bầu
Pregnancy Yoga Book

The book "Yoga for Pregnant Women" by author Phuong Trang is a book for pregnant women and women who have given birth. The book focuses on helping pregnant women exercise safely and effectively, from pregnancy to postpartum. The main content of the book includes:

  • Warm-up exercises for pregnant mothers
  • Yoga exercises according to each stage of pregnancy
  • Yoga exercises help treat symptoms
  • Relaxation exercises and guided meditation connect mother and baby
  • Yoga exercises help mothers give birth easily
  • Postpartum yoga exercises to get back in shape
  • Yoga exercises at work
  • Q&A about yoga for pregnant women

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9. Anatomy of Hip Opener and Forward Bend Poses – Yoga Mat Companion 2 (Ray Long)

Sách Giải Phẫu Các Tư Thế Mở Hông Và Gập Người Về Phía Trước
Anatomy Book Hip Opener and Forward Bend Positions

Continuing from part 1, this book is a guide to optimizing your practice of hip-opening and forward-bending poses in Hatha Yoga by exploring the science behind them. The book takes you on an intuitive journey through anatomy, biomechanics and physiology, helping you understand each pose from a scientific perspective.

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10. Inner Engineering – Self-Building: A Yogi's Guide to Living a Happy Life (Sadhguru)

Sách Inner Engineering – Kiến Tạo Bản Thân
Inner Engineering Book – Creating Yourself

The book "Inner Engineering - Creating Yourself: A Yogi's Guide to Living a Happy Life" was written by Sadhguru, a famous Indian yoga instructor and professor. This book will help you better understand how to discover yourself, resolve stress, and achieve mental peace and happiness. From teaching effective meditation and yoga techniques to sharing profound personal experiences and philosophies, this book will take you on a spiritual journey to create the life you want.

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11. Anatomy of Back Bends and Twists – Yoga Mat Companion 3 (Ray Long)

Sách Giải Phẫu Các Tư Thế Uốn Cong Lưng Và Vặn Xoắn
Anatomy Book Back Bends and Twists

This book will help you better understand how your body works when you perform backbends and twists in Hatha Yoga. You will be able to watch the transformation of muscles, joints and nerves through vivid and detailed images.

Dr. Ray Long will show you how to apply scientific knowledge to each step of each pose to increase the effectiveness and safety of your practice.

The Yoga Mat Companion series is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to improve their yoga practice. You'll also learn how to use the Bandha Yoga Retreat, a simple yet effective method for regulating your breathing, tensing your muscles, and focusing your mind in any pose.

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12. 2100 Asanas – Yoga Poses Guide (Daniel Lacerda)

Sách 2100 Asana – Cẩm Nang Tư Thế Yoga
Book 2100 Asanas – Yoga Poses Handbook

This book is a work of art and science of Yoga, with over 2000 poses photographed and explained in detail. You will admire the beauty and strength of the human body when performing different postures, from easy to difficult, from basic to advanced.

You will learn how to classify and organize poses by theme, level, and goal. You will learn the names of the postures in Vietnamese and Sanskrit, their correct pronunciation, variations and benefits.

You will also learn about important elements of Yoga such as breathing, bandha, drishti, chakras, meditation and relaxation. Finally, you will be recommended suitable positions for special cases such as asthma, pregnancy, and high blood pressure.

The author of this book is Daniel Lacerda, a professional yoga teacher and talented photographer. He has selected and trained more than 40 Yoga models to demonstrate poses perfectly. He is also the founder of Mr. Yoga, Inc., a company specializing in providing Yoga-related services and products.

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13. Yoga – Self-Practice Guide at Home (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center)

Sách Yoga – Cẩm Nang Tự Thực Hành Tại Nhà
Yoga Book – Self-Practice Guide at Home

This book is a comprehensive resource on Yoga, with specific advice and guidance so you can practice Yoga at home effectively and safely. You will learn how to perform 12 basic yoga postures, as well as understand their effects on health and spirit.

You will be able to choose Yoga exercises that suit your time, goals and level, from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. You will practice breathing and relaxation skills to relieve stress and increase energy. You will also learn about a healthy diet and how to prepare nutritious dishes that help purify and balance the body.

This book, compiled by reputable teachers of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, will bring you valuable knowledge and experience about yoga.

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14. Warm-Up Guide & 200 Yoga Poses From Basic to Advanced (Phan Thi Nga)

Sách Hướng Dẫn Khởi Động & 200 Tư Thế Yoga Từ Cơ Bản Đến Nâng Cao
Warm-up Guide & 200 Yoga Poses From Basic to Advanced

This book is a reliable and detailed resource for those who want to practice yoga. Whether you are a beginner or an expert yoga teacher, you can find the knowledge and skills you need to practice yoga safely and effectively. The book is compiled according to a scientific method, easy to understand and apply. The book has received many positive responses from readers. The main content of the book includes:

  • Important notes when practicing yoga
  • How to breathe properly in yoga
  • How to perform and adjust 200 yoga poses from basic to advanced
  • 45 warm-up exercises on different topics
  • 5 advanced continuous yoga exercises

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15. Yoga Breath Book – When the Breath is Quiet, the Mind Becomes Quiet (Phan Thi Nga)

 Sách Hơi Thở Trong Yoga
Yoga Breath Book

This book is a handbook on Yoga, with detailed and scientific instructions for Yoga practitioners at all levels. You will learn how to breathe properly. The book is written to be easy to understand, easy to apply and has received many positive reviews from readers.

Breathing is the most important element in Yoga, because it is related to human life. When we breathe well, we provide enough oxygen to our cells and remove excess carbon dioxide. When we breathe well, we will have better health, clearer mind and happier lives. Therefore, we need to know how to breathe most effectively in yoga.

This book will help you do that. The book was compiled by Phan Thi Nga, an experienced and reputable Yoga teacher.

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16. Anatomy of Vinyasa Sequence and Standing Poses – Yoga Mat Companion 1 (Ray Long)

Sách Giải Phẫu Chuỗi Vinyasa Và Các Tư Thế Đứng
Anatomy of the Vinyasa Sequence and Standing Poses Book

Explore more deeply the science behind the Vinyasa sequence and standing poses of Hatha Yoga through the book “Anatomy of the Vinyasa Sequence and Standing Poses – Yoga Mat Companion 1” by Dr. Ray Long. This book takes you on an intuitive journey, with a combination of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology to decode each pose step by step. The “Yoga Mat Companion” series gives you detailed step-by-step instructions in each pose, supported by beautiful illustrations, so you can understand how to apply scientific principles to maximize your benefits. beneficial during exercise. Each book also comes with “The Bandha Yoga Retreat,” a simple five-step routine that can be applied to any pose, to improve strength, flexibility and precision in your practice. no matter what style of yoga you follow.

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Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be helpful to your journey of conquering Yoga. Please see and look forward to more articles about Meditation and Yoga at Nguyen Yoga website, besides there are also many other useful videos on the channel Youtube Nguyen Yoga that you can refer to.

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