Back: Causes and Cure

Back hammock Anterior Pelvic Tilt or Lordosis is a condition in which the lower back is bent or sagged due to the forward tilt of the pelvis, causing your buttocks to tend to curve back, often referred to as the Donald Duck's butt.

Hamstrings cause seizures back pain, especially in the lower back, hip pain and other gait problems. In addition, back sagging can also irritate joints causing inflammation, leading to adverse effects on your sports activities, and can cause injuries, especially more severe. disc herniation.

The cause of excessive back sag is usually due to 2 main reasons, one is due to bad posture habits such as when sitting, standing or using high heels that make you often protrude back for a long time, as well as inability to rotate the pelvis backward. The second cause is an imbalance in the muscle groups, which is partly due to the first cause.

There are many methods to back hammock treatment This method, including Yoga, is a natural and safe way chosen by many patients. To be able to fix the back sagging, we will need a Yoga series of exercises Consists of 3 parts:

  • Part 1 we will learn how to rotate the pelvis backwards to make the exercises in parts 2 and 3 more effective.
  • Part 2 will include stretching exercises for tight and shortened muscle groups.
  • Part 3 will include strengthening exercises for weak and underactive muscle groups.

Download the document from the following link:

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