15 Minutes Yoga Stretches After Gym

Stretching is one of the most important things in the gym. Because the gym is a fairly high-intensity sport, during exercise, you have to use a lot of muscles. So after each training session, every gym-er needs to stretch his muscles so that the following days of practice can perform better, avoiding excessive muscle tension.

There are many ways to recover and stretch muscles after gym, in which Yoga is a great effective method applied by many gym-er. Yoga has many movements to help massage and stretch the muscles flexible body and increased durability. In addition to helping you quickly recover muscles and limit the symptoms of muscle pain excessively after gym, muscle relaxation yoga also helps reduce aches and pains By sitting, working or studying, it helps your mind to be more relaxed and comfortable, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training session.

In this video Nguyen will guide you to yoga exercises with simple poses that are easy to perform but bring unexpected effects. Nguyen hopes my sharing will be useful for you!

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