How to Overcome Depression [Part 2]

Note: this article was written around 2017 on my old blog. I share with you again.

Read Part 1 here.

When your body is knocked out by the psychological shock of any problem, the first thing that will happen is that the blood rushes to the brain at its peak and your brain will be overworked. However, these activities carry a lot of negativity and are very messy so the person will get tired very quickly and almost exhausted all day even though you are not active much. What you need to do is:

3) Try to eat and sleep well

First week of batch depression I was very heavy, I ate very little, almost didn't eat but just slept. Thanks to sleeping, my body was a little less tired, but still completely exhausted. So I remember the things I read and heard, as well as the times when I was sick in the past. There must be truth to defend the religion. I try to drag my body to the supermarket to buy food and try to swallow the food even though I don't want to eat it at all.

When you're sick, tired, or depressed, try to eat and get enough sleep. Maybe you won't stop thinking or being autistic. But having enough food and sleep will give you the strength to face the difficult reality. And eating and sleeping are two natural methods to help the body recover "cleanly" without using drugs (I don't like using drugs).

I know that many of you will have trouble sleeping, overthinking, and anorexia. If possible, please try the 2 methods I introduced in part 1 to minimize and help your sleep return and think less. However, remember to try to eat and drink water at regular intervals.

4) Movement of the physical body and Psychology - Physiology

After you have eaten and slept enough, your body is still very tired because your brain and possibly your heart still endure the daily shocks when memories or images of the past rush back to zero. cease.

When you're depressed, you don't want to see anyone, prefer to be in a quiet place, and don't like going out. However, try to be physically active, even if only a little. Before I was depressed, I watched a video on Youtube about the effects of just 30 minutes of walking a day (You can watch it here:

Then I still remember the saying of Tony Robbins: "Motion Creates Emotion". That is, the activity will generate the corresponding emotion. That is, when your body has positive activities, it will create corresponding positive emotions. If your body is inactive, or passive, your emotions and thoughts will become dark, passive and not good for the body.

So I decided every day, instead of riding my bike to school (at that time I still had to drag my body to school but I was just a person who lost my soul, and then went back home without talking or looking at anyone), I decided intend to walk to school. Daily enough 40 minutes to walk both back and forth. It also helps me breathe fresher air than staying in a dark room all day. When I walk to school, I often turn on dance music jerky to increase my spirits (like fake it til you make it =]]). In general, this method is quite effective. From then on, I always walk everywhere, even though it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour to walk. It helps me to be more physically active.

This is not an unscientific method. As you know, office workers, or people who are less active will often feel very heavy, tired, sometimes breathing is difficult. Simply because your heart is not trained in combination with regular breathing, your heart becomes very weak and breathing becomes heavier. What's more, when you're depressed, your heart is one of the weakest points due to psychological influences.

Therefore, there is no better method than physical activity, which can be considered as one arrow that shoots many birds. Just helped Your blood circulates body, and strengthen your heart to face the onslaught of heavy emotions. If it attacks, we also have to have a counter piece even though we may lose in the end. (=]])

When your body is healthy, your heart is healthy, your psychology will be stronger, it is generally called Physiology, which means that your biology is good, your psychology is good, and your physiology is weak, your psychology will be unstable, leading to many problems like stress, Thoughtful, difficulty sleeping…v.v

5) Friends – social relationships

Like it or not, you still have to have at least one or two people who can help you in times of trouble. When I fell into depression, I had no friends at that time. My family doesn't talk much. Friends, I isolate myself.

But one thing is, it's all in your head, ie everyone hates you, that everyone is fake or something like that. Maybe you will lose faith in everything, people, relationships, what you previously believed about people. There will always be someone willing to hug and accept when you are at your worst. Maybe strangers too. No one will chase or chase you if you accept to open the door a little to let people save you.

Fortunately at that time, there were very very good people who were willing to ignore their madness, change their dizzy to tolerate themselves. Of course they are also a little shy but that's out of respect for you, but they won't abandon you. Among them was a friend who helped me study and thanks to him, I learned very well as I mentioned in part 1. Although before, I didn't like each other very much due to incompatibility. There were nights when I studied at his house and then walked back alone on an empty street at 2-3 am, I was also in tears because it was so good. After I left that city to move to a new environment, he stayed to continue studying there. 3 years later, just a few months ago, the two of them met again, playing games and barbeque were also very close even though they barely talked for 3 years.

Try to always have one or two people you can reach out to when you have no one around. Maybe you think that they are not close or that you dislike them in some way, but the truth is that they are much better than you think.


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