5 Yoga Movements To Relieve Sciatica Pain

3 động tác Yoga giúp giảm đau thần kinh tọa hiệu quả

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Sciatica is a disease that causes discomfort in daily life, it leads to attacks of backache, pain spreading to the thighs, numbness and burning sensation. The great thing is, Yoga is a very effective method in reducing pain and improving the general health of the sufferer.

In this article, Nguyen will introduce you to 5 easy and effective yoga moves to relieve sciatica. Whether you are just starting out with Yoga or have experience, Nguyen hopes this article will help you find the right movements and bring benefits to your health. Let's find out together!

Sphinx Pose (Sphinx Pose)

This is one of the recommended yoga poses for people with sciatica and lower back pain. This pose helps to expand and relax the muscles around the hips, thighs, and buttocks, reducing tension and reducing pain in the sciatica area. In addition, the sphinx yoga posture also helps to increase blood circulation and energy in the body, helping to reduce fatigue and stress.


Tư thế Yoga Nhân Sư giúp giảm đau lưng, đau thần kinh tọa hiệu quả
Sphinx Pose Yoga
  • Sphinx pose. Stand on your forearms parallel to each other and stretch your chest and abdomen forward. Breathe deeply and slowly here. Hold for 30 seconds or 5 breaths.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or back pain, knit your forearms and lie on your forearms.

Supine Leg Stretch Yoga Pose

This pose helps to stretch the muscles and blood vessels in the knee and hip areas, creating expansion and reducing tension in the sciatica.


Động tác nằm duỗi chân có thể giảm các cơn đau thần kinh tọa hiệu quả
Supine Leg Stretch
  • Lie on your back, straighten one leg, and pull your toe toward you.
  • And you can also use ropes and towels to pull your legs in case you can't hold them with your hands. Hold for 10 seconds then switch sides and do the same.

Lying around the hip joint

Nằm xoay tròn khớp hông giúp giảm đau đùi và hông
Lying around the hip joint


  • Lie on your back, bring your legs up and bend your legs, using your hands to hug your thighs. Then, gently move your legs in a circle from left to right to rotate your hip joints.
  • Rotate 3 rounds and vice versa. Then switch legs and do the same.

Cat and Cow Yoga Pose (Cat-Cow Pose)

This pose combines two yoga poses: Cat pose helps to relax the lumbar muscles and spine, and Cow pose helps to stretch the muscles and bones in the back and neck. The Cat and Cow yoga pose will help increase blood and fluid circulation in the body, helping to relieve tension and pain in the sciatica area.


Động tác Yoga Mèo và Bò (Cat-Cow Pose) giúp giảm đau lưng hiệu quả
Cat Pose Yoga Movement
  • Inhale, stretch your chest and abdomen gently forward and gently tilt your back and neck back.
Động tác Bò Yoga (Cow Pose) giúp tăng độ linh hoạt cho lưng
Cow Pose Yoga (Cow Pose)
  • Exhale and gently curl up, bringing your chest and abdomen in, bringing your chin towards your chest. Repeat this pose 5 times.

Supine Spinal Twist yoga pose

You will feel a relaxation in your back and hips, which will help reduce discomfort and pain in the sciatica. This pose also helps to increase flexibility and relieve tension in the muscles around the hip joint.


Tư thế Yoga nằm vặn hông (Supine Spinal Twist)
Supine Spinal Twist yoga pose
  • Lie on your back, Inhale, bend your knees slightly, exhale and lower your knees to the side.
  • Inhale bring the leg to the center and exhale lower the knee to the other side. Repeat 5 times on each side.

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective and useful for your sciatica condition. Besides, there are also many articles on health and yoga therapy at Nguyen's blog, especially Nguyen's Youtube channel There are many other useful exercises and movements, please follow and look forward to Nguyen!

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