Yoga and Meditation: Which Subject Should You Choose? Where to Start Learning From?

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Yoga and Meditation are two very popular spiritual practices around the world. However, many people are still confused about which subject to choose for themselves.

In this article, let's learn about Yoga and Meditation with Nguyen, compare each subject, thereby helping you to make the best decision, most suitable for your health and soul.

What is Yoga?

Yoga tư thế mèo và bò
Yoga is the union of body, mind, and mind

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates as "yoke" or "union". Yoke means to draw closer, bind together, or merge. The goal of Yoga is to unite or create a connection between body, mind, soul and cosmic awareness. This process of unifying our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects is what allows yoga practitioners to experience states of freedom, peace, and profound self-awareness.

It is also an ancient system of physical, psychological and spiritual methods that have been passed down through generations from teacher to student. Yoga practices include breathing techniques, postures, relaxation, chanting, and other methods.

What is meditation?

tập ngồi thiền
Meditate on your breath and your mind

Meditation is an exercise method that involves concentration or thinking by combining psychological and physical techniques.

Depending on the type of Meditation you choose, you can practice Meditation to relax, reduce anxiety and stress, and much more. Some people even use Meditation to help improve their health, such as using it to adapt to the challenges of giving up tobacco products.

A person who is practicing Zen may seem to be just breathing or repeating a sound or phrase over and over. However, inside their brains, the story is completely different. Modern imaging and diagnostic techniques, such as electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), show that meditation can have a positive impact on the brain and health. mentality.

Difference Between Meditation and Yoga

Many people think that Yoga and Meditation are the same. If compared, there are similarities between these two methods, but they are not the same, between them there is also an important difference between the two.

It can be said that Yoga is a more holistic method than Meditation. Because Meditation is considered part of the Yoga lifestyle. Meditation involves finding mental stability, while Yoga involves both physical and mental exercise. In practice, Yoga mainly involves postures and breathing exercises, while Meditation involves concentration.

Intensity, level of practice

Meditation is almost entirely mental. In most cases, Meditation does not involve much movement. Meditation revolves around training the mind instead of the body. When you meditate, you learn to relax, reflect, learn, and connect with your surroundings.

In contrast, Yoga involves a focus on movement. Yoga is considered a form of exercise. There is a lot of focus on breathing patterns and body postures. Like Meditation, Yoga is also designed to benefit the mind, but the psychological impact is not as strong as that of Meditation.

In fact, many people consider yoga to be physically challenging. You need to maintain a breathing pattern and be able to put your body into some difficult poses, but you also need to maintain balance and quiet inner focus. Many people may think this is easy, but switching between yoga poses can keep you motivated, stimulating your muscles to sweat.

The physical aspect of Yoga is a form of enlightenment in itself. An important goal of Yoga is to stay connected to the present (as in Meditation) while moving between poses and maintaining poses. This can be more difficult than Meditation that requires no movement.

Should I Practice Yoga or Meditate?

If you like to be active, then Yoga is a good choice. It combines physical exercise and mental focus, and can help you reduce stress and increase flexibility and balance.

However, if you want to focus on the mind, improve concentration and meditate, then Meditation will be a great choice. Meditation helps you create a calm and focused state of mind, helping you to deal with your mental health problems stress and anxiety in daily life.

In summary, choosing between Yoga and Meditation depends on your personal goals and preferences. If you want a balance between physical and mental, then Yoga will be a great choice. If you want to focus on mental and calm, then Zen is a logical choice.

Where should I start practicing Yoga?

If you are just starting to practice Yoga, you should learn about Types of Yoga To see which one is right for you, then join a yoga class at a yoga center or gym.

In this class, you will be guided by an experienced teacher and supported in the correct implementation of the basic yoga postures and breathing.

If you don't want to take a class, you can start practicing Yoga at home by searching for instructional videos on the Internet or Yoga apps on your phone. However, if you are starting to practice yoga at home, remember to focus on doing the right basic yoga postures and breathing and not push yourself too hard.

You can consult Yoga classes for beginners or online courses by Nguyen Yoga

Or watch more videos and yoga exercises for beginners at Nguyen's Youtube channel

Where should I start practicing meditation?

Nowadays, there are many channels and mobile apps that can help you to get started with meditation easily, for example: Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer… you just need a quiet enough space to start your meditation session.

You can refer to Nguyen's Zen course on here.

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective for your process of learning and practicing Yoga and Meditation! In addition, Nguyen also has many articles on meditation and basic yoga. Everyone please support and look forward to Nguyen in the near future!


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