Is it possible to do Yoga without Flexibility?

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A common question of those who are learning Yoga. Is it possible for people who are not flexible to practice yoga? Because most of you think Yoga requires high flexibility. And my musculoskeletal system is too stiff. In this article, let's find the answer together with Nguyen!

Depends on each person's goal of yoga endurance

If you want to be flexible like the pictures on the net depicting Yoga. Then you will need different intensity training and often also need good body to be able to reach the desired level.

And if your goal just wants to increase flexibility and toughness a little more than the current one. Then Yoga is a great discipline for you. Because Yoga has flexible or twisted movements that not only help your body become more flexible but also effectively reduce pain. Nguyen himself was also a person with a very hard body. But thanks to Yoga, it is now much more supple and flexible than before.

Lots of options for different body movements

In addition, for those of you who are not flexible, you will still be able to practice Yoga. Because there will be many choices in movements when practicing to fit your body. It is important that you have the right guidance from your teachers and instructors.

You should refrain from choosing exercises or classes that are too difficult or the teacher does not teach the right way for your body. Because otherwise, it is very easy to get injured or you may be discouraged because you feel that Yoga is too difficult and you have to be flexible to practice it.

In short, for those of you with a stiff body, you can completely start Yoga. So keep practicing with confidence and perseverance to achieve your goals!

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective and useful for you. Please follow and wait with Nguyen the posts about health and next Yoga!

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