How to Split, Open Hips FAST and Painless

Horizontal Split Leg or leg flexion is an exercise that opens the hip joint and stretches the ligaments not only in Yoga but also in other disciplines such as Taekwondo, aerodic gymnastics. Horizontal splits help stretch and flex the ligaments effectively, helping to open the hip joint, increasing the flexibility of the hip joint.

To practice effective and safe side splits, avoid the Injuries such as stretching or tearing a ligament, you need to warm up well before exercising. Exercises like kicks, side splits, frog poses, or splits are effective preparatory exercises that you can use to warm up before doing a split.

In order not to hurt when splitting, you need to know how to practice as well as be persistent and patient, otherwise it is very easy to injure the ligament. In this video, Nguyen will show you how to practice the side split quickly, effectively, safely, and with as little pain as possible.

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