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Vertical Splits is a difficult move in many subjects, especially Yoga supple. To do this move you have to go through a long training process, need high perseverance. But there are still some quick and safe ways to split your legs that you need to know to shorten the process of reaching your goal. Find out with Nguyen in the article to get good tips!

What is the effect of the vertical split?

Lợi ích của xoạc dọc
Stretching has many benefits for the body

There are many benefits of splits for the body, which include:

  • Opening the hip flexors helps increase range of motion and perform daily activities without pain in the leg area, especially the groin and thighs.
  • Stretches the inner thighs and helps strengthen the legs. So if you are a biker, jogger, or hiker. Or use your legs a lot, it will help you do those activities easily.
  • Increase overall flexibility by opening hamstrings, quads, calves, pelvis, and hips.
  • Helps maintain better balance and prevent falls and injuries, promotes good blood circulation.
  • For children or young people who are still developing, doing splits is a way to increase height significantly.

How to split legs without pain

The factors that determine whether you can split or not are the stretch of the ligaments and the openness of the joints in the foot. Only then will you dive into making splits more smoothly and Avoid injury to ligaments.

Note: However, this is a way to help practice splits quickly. But you don't have to worry when in a training session, or a few days, you still haven't done the steps. Because the results depend on your body and level of exercise. Be persistent in practicing step by step for the fastest results!

Step 1: Two positions to prepare for the split

1. Low lunge

Tư thế tấn thấp - Low Lunge khởi động
Low-ton pose helps open the hip joint
  • Step right foot forward and left foot behind.
  • Press your body forward deeply, breathing evenly for about 5-10 deep breaths.
  • Do the same with the other side.

2. Half Split

Xoạc dọc một nửa - Half Split
Half split position helps to flex the ligaments
  • Keeping in a low lunge position, push your body back, straightening your right leg forward.
  • Bend forward, hands on the floor, back straight, toes pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Do the same with the other side.

Step 2: Step by step into the vertical split

Xoạc dọc một nửa - Half Split
Bend close to the ligaments in the low position

Note: Only do this step when you are able to push back to your feet in a half split in step 1 .

Tư thế xoạc dọc
Start pushing your legs into a split
  • From a half split, push your front leg forward. combined with pressing the person close to the ligament.

Thực hiện xoạc dọc
Lift the back heel up, continue to press the groin deeply
  • Lift your back heel slightly, keep pressing your groin down to touch the ground.

Xoạc dọc sát đất
Complete the split, press the body close to the foot
  • After you have stretched your legs close to the ground, return the lifted heel to the original position and press your body close to the foot again.
  • When you're done, pull your foot back.

Summed: You should practice alternating low stance and half vertical splits 3-5 times to get used to the feeling of stretching and stretching the ligaments. Then from a half split position, push your legs gradually to open the hips, step by step completing the split along the instructions.

How to use support bricks when practicing

How to use support tiles when half split

Xoạc dọc một nửa bằng gạch
Use bricks to support half vertical splits
  • If you feel you cannot bend too deeply. Then you can choose Yoga bricks, books, or any other suitable height against your hands on both sides instead of your hands on the floor.

Tư thế xoạc dọc một nửa
Use a support brick to get into a split
  • If when doing this movement, your hips are tilted back too much. Then push your right leg forward and pull your left knee back a little.
  • Continue to bend as deeply as you can, holding for 5 breaths.
  • Do the same with the other side.

How to use support bricks when performing vertical splits

Tư thế xoạc dọc
Use Yoga bricks to support vertical splits

After you have entered the vertical split and almost reached the ground, you can use support bricks to make it stronger. Lift your heels up and gently press your groin down until it touches the ground.

Notes to know when practicing vertical splits

  • Exercise your joints well before doing splits.
  • Avoid doing excessive splits or bouncing in any stretch positions.
  • Try harder the next time, because the ability to split legs has a wider range with each exercise, to achieve the goal you need to gradually increase the strength.
  • Note that you should straighten your back, keep your hips straight, do not sway to the sides in the splits.

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective and useful for your split practice. Please follow and wait with Nguyen the posts about health and next Yoga!


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