5 Yoga Movements Effectively Relieve Back Pain

5 động tác Yoga giúp giảm đau lưng hiệu quả

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Back-ache It is one of the most common health problems and affects the quality of life of many people. So, in this article, Nguyen will share with you 5 simple but effective yoga poses to reduce back pain to improve your health. Let's find out together!

Why does yoga help relieve back pain?

tập yoga trị liệu đau lưng
Practicing yoga to treat back pain at home

Yoga is a holistic form of physical and psychological exercise that can help relieve back pain through a variety of mechanisms. One of the main reasons is that Yoga helps improve flexibility and elasticity of the body, especially the back area, thereby minimizing tension and relaxing the muscles. When the back muscles are relaxed and more flexible, the pressure on the vertebrae and nerves in the back area is reduced, helping to reduce back pain.

Besides, yoga also helps to improve mood and reduce stress, which can help relieve back pain caused by tension or stress. stress cause.

Finally, Yoga is often designed to perform gentle movements and adjust to each person's ability, so it is quite safe, causing very little injury or damage to the body.

5 effective yoga poses to relieve back pain

1. Cat and Cow Yoga Pose (Cat-Cow Pose)

The combination of Cat and Cow Yoga will help reduce pressure on the vertebrae and nerves in the back area, and also reduce pressure on the vertebrae, improving blood and oxygen circulation to surrounding tissues and muscles. around this area, thereby reducing back pain and increasing the flexibility of the body.


Động tác Yoga Mèo và Bò kết hợp
Starting from the yoga table pose
  • Stand with your hands and knees shoulder-width apart, knees and hips kept in a straight line, wrists and shoulders also in line, back in a neutral position.

Động tác Yoga con Mèo
Stretch your belly and chest down – Cat Yoga
  • Inhale – push your belly and chest down, create a curve in your back, gently lift your chin.

Động tác Yoga con Bò
Roll your back – Cow Yoga
  • Then, as you exhale, curl your back upward, drawing your chin toward your chest.
  • And so repeat 5 times in this position will help your back more flexible.

Note: If you feel back pain or discomfort when pushing your chest down, then you should only bend down slightly without trying too hard, or the middle of the back is neutral in the middle.

2. Standing posture stretches the spine

This pose helps to stretch the back vertebrae, muscles and nerves in the back area, helping to relieve pressure and pain.


Tư thế đứng vươn giãn cột sống lưng
Stand up straight and stretch your spine
  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, then interlace your palms together, inhale, reach your arms slightly above your head, lengthen your spine upward, hold for 5 deep and slow breaths.

Note: Squeeze your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen gently to stand firmer as well as keep the spine straight, avoiding the situation of sagging back and back, it will make you more back pain.

3. Cobra Pose (Cobra Pose)

This pose helps strengthen the flexibility of the spine and increases blood and oxygen circulation to the tissues in the back area, helping to repair damaged muscles and nerves. In addition, this pose also improves the posture and straightness of the back of the practitioner.


Tư thế Yoga Rắn Hổ Mang (Cobra Pose)
Support 2 hands at chest level
 Tư thế Yoga Rắn Hổ Mang (Cobra Pose)
Roll your chest up in Cobra Pose Yoga
  • You lie close to the ground, put your hands on your chest, inhale, and pull your chest forward, lift your chest up, create an upward curve.
  • Hold here for 5 seconds or 3 deep breaths.


  • You do not need to lift too high, raise to the right height for you so that the body feels comfortable in the movement and the spine is stretched.
  • The second most common mistake is that you often try to lift your body high, especially lifting your shoulders up high, this will cause you more back and neck pain. Lower your shoulders slightly, opening your shoulders and chest out.
  • And the last note is that you should focus on lifting your chest up and avoid trying to tilt your neck to lift your body, it will make your neck pain worse.

4. Bridge Pose Yoga

Bridge pose will help strengthen your glutes and help you practice better control of your hip joints, avoiding back sagging and back pain.


Tư thế Yoga Cây Cầu (Bridge Pose)
Lie close so that your back touches the ground
  • Lie down on the ground, hands on hips and knees bent.

tư thế Yoga Cây Cầu (Bridge Pose)
Push hips up into Bridge Pose Yoga
  • Inhale, squeeze your buttocks, push your hips up, hold for a bit, then exhale gently lowering your hips.


  • The common mistakes in this pose are that you put your feet too far away, your feet too close to your butt. Adjust your leg spacing just right so that when pushing your hips up your shins create a straight line.
  • The second mistake is that you push your hips and buttocks up too high, causing your neck and back to be painful and uncomfortable. The most important thing in this move is that you feel your glutes tighten as you push your hips up.

5. Prone Y (Prone Y) Yoga Pose


Tư thế Yoga nằm sấp chữ Y (Prone Y
Prone Y Yoga Pose
  • First, lie down on the ground with your arms stretched out in front of you. Inhale, you will simultaneously lift your chest and arms up, exhale you will lower your arms.

Tư thế Yoga nằm sấp chữ W (Prone W)
Prone W (Prone W) Yoga Pose
  • If you find the Y-hand stretch too difficult, you can bend your elbow to simulate the letter W, and do the same.

Some other home remedies for back pain

  • Do exercise: Regular exercise like swimming, jogging, brisk walking, and physical exercise helps keep the body healthy, strengthens muscles, and relieves back pain. (requires advice from a specialist)
  • Use hot or cold ice: Hot or cold ice can help relieve back pain by relaxing muscles and increasing blood circulation.
  • Rest: If back pain is caused by stress or strain, rest and relaxation can help relieve back pain.
  • Massage: Massage helps relieve back pain by relaxing muscles and reducing pain.
  • Adjusting posture while sitting: Adjusting your sitting posture helps reduce pressure on the discs and back muscles and ligaments, reducing back pain.

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective and useful for your back pain. Besides, there are also many articles on health and yoga therapy at Nguyen's blog, especially Youtube channel Nguyen has many other useful exercises and movements, please follow and look forward to Nguyen!

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