5 Yoga Movements Effectively Relieve Back Pain In Bed

5 động tác yoga giảm đau lưng hiệu quả

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Back-ache is one of the most common health problems in modern life. With the habit of sitting for a long time, not correcting posture when working or exercising improperly, back pain has become an inevitable problem. So, in this article, Nguyen will introduce you to 5 yoga poses to relieve back pain in bed - an effective and convenient solution for busy people.

5 Yoga Postures In Bed Relieve Back Pain

Lying Dove Pose

Tư thế Yoga Chim Bồ Câu Nằm
Lying Dove Yoga Movement
  • Lie on your back, place your right leg on your left thigh, bend your knee, and pull your leg towards your chest.
  • Hold for 3 breaths, then release and switch sides to do the same.

Yoga movements lying on the legs

Động tác Yoga nằm ôm chân
Back massage with yoga poses hugging legs
  • Lie on your back, hug your legs toward your chest, and hold for 5 deep breaths.
  • You can also roll left and right to massage your back.

Twisted lying yoga pose

Tư thế Yoga nằm vặn xoắn
Start with a leg hug
  • Lie on your back, hugging your legs toward your chest.

Tư thế Yoga nằm vặn xoắn
Lying twisting yoga movement
  • Lower your knees to the right, twist your body in the opposite direction, and bring your arms to the side.
  • Hold for 3 breaths, then switch sides and do the same.

The movement of lying on a pillow or yoga brick

Động tác nằm lên gối hoặc gạch Yoga
Using Yoga Tiles in Lying Yoga
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees.
  • Take a soft pillow or a yoga brick and place it between the pelvic area that connects the waist and buttocks.
  • Hold for 30-1 minutes, breathe and relax.

Yoga posture lying down stretch legs relax

Tư thế Yoga nằm duỗi chân thả lỏng
Use your hands or a rope in a lying yoga pose
  • Lie on your back, stretch your legs up.
  • You can also grab your legs with your hands and pull them toward you, or use a rope to hook them onto the soles of your feet and pull them toward you.

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective and useful for your back pain. Besides, there are also many articles on health and yoga therapy at Nguyen's blog, especially Youtube channel Nguyen has many other useful exercises and movements, please follow and look forward to Nguyen!

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