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The Story of Nguyên Yoga

Hi, my name is Nguyên, and obviously like any other typical “Yogi” around the world, I add “Yoga” to my name for easier branding. 

In 2012, I went deep into a state of depression due to various turmoils in my life. Somehow, I found out about Meditation and Mindfulness to help calm my mind. In 2014, during a trip to visit my sister in Paris, France, my sister introduced me to Yoga through her friend who had been a Yoga teacher. I kinda liked Yoga since then, but did not practice seriously. 

In 2015, while I was in Vienna, Austria, I signed up for a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat just out of curiosity. Well, guess what, it changed my life completely. Since then, I knew I had a “mission” and “passion”. It was simply spreading good vibes, being kind, and hopefully changing the world through the art of practicing Mindfulness and Meditation. However, it was not that easy. 

In 2016, I came back to Vietnam after graduating from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I had an independent business back then and opened two companies on my own. I loved Entrepreneurship. Yet, I was not happy making a lot of money by selling stuff online or doing stuff that was not really aligned with my “mission” and “passion”. 

In 2017, I decided to call it a quit on the business I was having, and gave Yoga a try again. Guess what, I fell in love with Yoga. Then I decided to go to India to learn more because where could have been better to learn the root of this practice, right? I also got a 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification when I was there. However, I did not start teaching immediately. 

Only by late 2018, I started Yoga Đương Đại, as known as Contemporary Yoga in the English language. Now is the story of Yoga Đương Đại – Modern and Contemporary Yoga.

The story of Yoga Đương Đại

Since I was a child, I have loved great teachers with great style of teaching. There have been only a handful of teachers who can resonate well with me. They usually had unusual styles of teaching, usually good sense of humor, and often lots of sarcastic comments. They also have one thing in common, they inspired me to learn by myself and love the subject without lots of beating or harsh comments. 

I was not the most hard-working student, in fact I was very lazy, but with great teachers and unusual styles of teaching, I always became a beast and became top of my class. 

When I knew about Meditation, and Yoga, and I realized that I had that “mission” and “passion” to spread these practices to the young people, and people who need it, I promised to myself I would think of a way of teaching or instructing so that Meditation and Yoga could become a joy to practice. 

I have learned Meditation and Yoga through various teachers and I have visited tons of studios to practice. I tried to bring back a little from everywhere and use that in my teaching so that I could bring joy and ease to my students. I want to inspire them and also to help them feel the love for the practice of Meditation and Yoga in the most friendly and fun way.

That’s how Yoga Đương Đại – Modern and Contemporary Yoga started. If you come to my class, I will make sure you’re always welcomed and I will make sure you will feel joy in the practice, and never feel Meditation or Yoga boring again, no matter who you are or what level you are in your Meditation and Yoga journey. 

Thank you for spending your precious time reading stories about me and Yoga Đương Đại. I hope I will see you in class soon and we will get to know each other more. 

Nam Nguyên,