Pregnancy Back Pain: Cure Immediately With 3 Yoga Exercises

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Back pain during pregnancy is very common, especially in the early stages. So what is the cause of this condition and what is the treatment? Please find out with Nguyen in this article to get a more specific answer!

Why do I get sick when I'm pregnant? backache?

During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body become softer and stretch naturally in preparation for labor. This can put stress on the joints in your lower back and pelvis, which in turn causes back pain.

Đau lưng khi mang thai
Back pain during pregnancy makes it difficult to function

Some ways to prevent back pain during pregnancy

To prevent back pain during pregnancy try these tips:

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Move your feet as you rotate to avoid twisting your spine
  • Wear flat shoes to evenly distribute your weight
  • Try to balance the weight between the 2 bags when shopping
  • Keep your back straight when sitting – you can find a pregnancy pillow.
  • Get enough rest, especially after pregnancy.
  • Massage or take a warm bath.
  • Use a mattress properly – you can place a piece of hard board under a soft mattress to make it firmer, not a mattress that is too soft.
  • Join a group or individual back care class like Yoga for pregnant women.

Note: If your back pain is very painful and happens unexpectedly often, go to your doctor or midwife immediately so that the parties can have a diagnosis and the most reasonable options to improve the problem. They can refer you to an obstetric physiotherapist at the hospital, or give you advice and suggest some helpful exercises.

3 yoga moves to help relieve back pain during pregnancy

Cat-Cow Pose Yoga (Cat-Cow Pose)

Động tác Mèo và Bò Yoga (Cat-Cow Pose) hỗ trợ đau lưng mang thai
Derived from the Yoga posture of the Table
  • Support on 2 hands and 2 knees.

Động tác Mèo và Bò Yoga (Cat-Cow Pose)
Yoga poses of the cat with chest outstretched
  • Inhale slightly puff your chest and belly down, lift your chin and look slightly towards the bridge of your nose.

Động tác Mèo và Bò Yoga (Cat-Cow Pose)
The movement of cows curling their backs
  • Exhale slowly, curling your back, drawing your chest and abdomen up.
  • Repeat this pose 5 times.

Child Pose Yoga (Child Pose)

Tư thế Em Bé Yoga (Child Pose) giảm đau lưng mang thai
Baby yoga poses to help relax the spine
  • Open your knees slightly to sit, gently bring your body back, hips toward your heels, straighten your arms forward. Lie down, breathe deeply and slowly here for 5 breaths.
Tư thế Em Bé Yoga (Child Pose)
Baby Yoga movement helps to relax the back spine
  • Then gently move your hands to the right side, holding for 5 breaths.
Tư thế Em Bé Yoga (Child Pose)
Baby Yoga Pose helps relieve back pain
  • Continue to gently move your hands to the left side, holding for 5 breaths.

Yoga moves to roll the tailbone

Động tác Yoga cuộn xương giảm đau lưng mang thai
The coccyx roll helps to shape the bones
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, close to the wall.
Động tác Yoga cuộn xương cụt
Rotate the pelvis inward
  • Squeeze your glutes and abs, then rotate your pelvis back (to the wall).
Động tác Yoga cuộn xương cụt tốt cho đau lưng mang thai
Rotate the pelvis back to its original position
  • Bring the pelvis back to the original position, repeat 10 times (3 sets).

Nguyen hopes that the above sharing will be effective and useful for your back pain. Please follow and wait with Nguyen the posts about health and next Yoga!

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