Introduction from Nguyen

Hello friends, 

My name is Nguyen, founder of Nguyen Yoga. In 2012, I learned about Meditation while studying in the Netherlands. And then, in 2014, I learned about Yoga during a trip in France. Meditation and Yoga have made my life much better and healthier.

In 2017, after returning to Vietnam, I decided to stop my former business in e-commerce to pursue my "mission", which is to bring Meditation and Yoga in their most easy-to-understand and interesting form to young and busy people.  

In 2018, I opened my first Yoga class, and then the first Meditation class in 2019. Up until now, I'm very fortunate that we have served more than 1000 people and reached out hundreds thousands more through online platforms. Although Nguyen Yoga is still very young, the big dream will never end, which is to help people become healthier and happier through Meditation and Yoga.  

The Story of Nguyen Yoga

I want to share something with you... I am quite upset with the current situation of Yoga classes, particularly in Vietnam. 

I had the opportunity to practice Yoga in Europe, Bali, India, places that are called paradise of Yoga... Since returning to Vietnam, I have also been taking Yoga classes from the South to the North. I realized one thing... 

The quality of yoga classes in Vietnam is getting lower and lower, becoming more and more commercialized and only bringing potential harms rather than benefits to students. Not only that, Yoga classes are mostly aimed at the elderly, or consider Yoga as a practice for the elderly...

Lớp Yoga cho người mới tại Nguyên Yoga quận 3, HCM

I created Nguyen Yoga with the aim to preserve the essence of Yoga, to ensure the quality of teaching, as well as to bring something new to help students accept Yoga and Meditation more easily, especially young people. 

Unlike other Yoga centers in Saigon, Nguyen Yoga always puts the students first, limits the number of student per class and takes care of each student to achieve the desired results. 

Nguyen (Danny)
Founder Nguyen Yoga

○ Favorite drink: hot silver ox
○ Hobbies: reading books, listening to podcasts, going to the gym, working in coffee shops...
○The thickest book ever read: Atlas Shrugged
○ Most re-watched movie: The Matrix

○ 500H Teacher Training Yoga Degree certificated by U.S Yoga Alliance
○ More than 1000+ hours of teaching classes in India and Vietnam at centers, offices, 5-star hotels, international events.
○ 9 years of practicing, training, and research in Meditation and Mindfulness. 
○ Graduated with Cum Laude from Henselmans International Personal Trainer Certificate, Science-based Fitness & Bodybuilding.
○ Successfully completed the course “Buddhism & Modern Psychology” of Princeton University, USA.
○ Graduated with Bachelor of Science from Erasmus University, Netherlands.